• Extremely low linting & dusting
  • Chemical resistance
  • Very low bioburden
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Tested and conform to ASTM standards.


In today’s market, nearly all trays and utensils made from pulp and paper derivatives are unsuitable for hygiene standards of the clinical procedure environment and particularly the operating theatre. 

Safetex Surgical has been developed specifically for use as a safe high hygiene alternative to plastic and metal trays.

Safetex Surgical containers are coated with a proprietary (patent pending) compound that makes them impervious to alcohol and spirits, unlike other biodegradable paper based trays.

Unlike single use plastic trays, Safetex Surgical products are safe to be autoclaved. The containers do not insulate or impede heat transfer to instruments and they do not distort, deform or change morphology.

The trays have been successfully tested
independently in the UK for suitability in an autoclave and in the US they have been tested and conform to ASTM standards.

Our Unique Solution

Our new Safetex Surgical utensils are unique. Despite being single use, they can be autoclaved and disposed of through maceration and traditional disposal methods. By contrast, single use plastic trays cannot be autoclaved.

Safetex Surgical products are environmentally friendly in that they are made from virgin sustainable materials that are biodegradable and compostable.

Safetex Surgical utensils do not compromise on safety or performance for the sake of the environment. Our trays have been independently tested by a third party for suitability in the surgical environment for all key hygiene and safety standards. The trays met or exceeded all critical performance parameters.

Filtered stereilized water particle count graph
safetex medical trays