Case Study #1

Our customer was looking for a container that would be able to lower the chance for the spread of infection in a medical arena as well as being a container that would lower their carbon footprint.

ThermoFibre was able to design and manufacture the first natural fibre container that could hold medical instruments and be put safely in an autoclave.

Using our proprietary Safetex coating which provided the container with a low lint and dust surface it also allows the pulp container to be impervious to all common solutions found in the medical arena including soaps and alcohols.

Our design is a clamshell container which can be closed securely with a living hinge, embossed with our customers logo and coated to safely hold liquids. We were able to supply them with a variety of sizes. The pulp clamshell has a smooth surface and clean thin-walled edges.

This container establishes a new regime for molded pulp applications by taking on the ability to not only be a single use container that would lessen the chance for the spread of disease but also be autoclaved and hold fluids safely.

It is an environmentally friendly application. Our customer was very pleased with this design and took the product to market.

Problem solved!