A Leading Manufacturer of Sustainable Packaging and Products
Our Clean Planet Sustainable Food Packaging displays your product in its best light
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Safetex Medical Products reduce cross contamination sustainably Low Lint and Low Dust
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Our Clean Planet Sustainable Food Packaging displays your product in its best light
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A Leading Manufacturer of Sustainable Packaging and Products

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ThermoFibre become licensee’s of PulPac's Dry Moulded Fiber (DMF) technology.

In our mission to provide our customers with more sustainable solutions,  ThermoFibre have become licensee’s of PulPac’s Dry Moulded Fiber (DMF) technology. In 2023 we will take delivery of our first Pulpac Modula  production line which will be installed at our Bourne, Lincolnshire facility.

Dry Molded Fiber offers sustainable packaging with speed, cost and quality advantages compared to existing solutions. It can be used to make most types of single use products presently made of plastic.

Dry Moulded Fiber saves significant amounts of energy and water, resulting in a lower CO2 footprint than conventional moulded fibre and single use plastic; against conventional moulded fibre the reduction in CO2 can be as much as 80%. Overall, the process is ten times more efficient than conventional moulded fibre.


ThermoFibre, a leader in molded pulp engineering, designs and manufactures molded fibre packaging and products.
Our mission is to assist our clients in creating innovative sustainable packaging that is part of a circular economy.
Our cure-in-mold technology provides our fiber products with smooth surfaces, clean edges and low lint and dust.

Did You Know?

  • ThermoFibre’s products are derived from many different sustainable fibers such as; eucalyptus, sugar cane, wheat, wood fiber, new corrugated clippings, bamboo. The fiber used depends on the application and location.

  • A plastic packaging application can be replicated with a molded fiber counterpart. ThermoFibre specializes in assisting companies in converting their packaging to make their product more sustainable throughout their product line.

Product Categories

Why sustainable packaging?

At ThermoFibre, we’re committed to excellence, striving for sustainability and driven to assist companies in becoming socially responsible by utilizing “green” packaging. 

We have a global initiative to have our pulp products be a preferred means of protection for a variety of industries.

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New Products

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ThermoFibre has developed  a line of containers in a variety of shapes and sizes that are biodegradable, compostable and are derived from sustainable crops.