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The designer develops, draws sketches for eco-packaging, cardboard boxes.

Sustainable Solutions

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS From Design to Production Companies across the globe are looking for sustainable solutions for their product line. Some may need cushion packaging for freight purposes and some may…
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The New Norm

The New Norm – A Need for Sustainable Packaging – Considering the need for sustainable ready to serve packaging for take out solutions is more important than ever, it’s important…

End of Life Cycle in a Circular Economy

End of Life Cycle in a Circular Economy –  A Sustainable Journey – When it comes to sustainability, the End of Life Cycle of the product should be taken into…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Surface Survival Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Surface Survival Information –Sustainable Containers for the Medical Arena  – The world feels very tiny right now beyond the kitchen table. Everything is very different today, much different…

Searching for “Green”

SEARCHING FOR “GREEN” Making a change to green sustainable packaging  Is your company searching for “green” sustainable packaging? More and more industries are being faced with searching for sustainable products…