Sustainable Food Packaging

During these unprecedented times, the food industry is altering their business models to a take-away and home delivery model. In addition, ghost kitchens are being established to offer gourmet foods to families and individuals.

The global initiative for sustainability has impacted a multitude of industries including food containers. The banning of plastic products has pushed the need for containers that are environmentally friendly.

ThermoFibre offers trays for all sectors of the food business which includes:

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take out container

The Grab and Go product line are laminated containers that allow foods to be heated in a microwave, placed in an oven or be put in the freezer for a later date. This product line can be heat sealed and or lidded with a recyclable PET lid. ThermoFibre has designed a tight lid that will keep saucy foods in place on the ride home.  An added value is our Eco-Peel application that allows the consumer to peel away the film, throw it in the appropriate recycling container and be left with a 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable container.

Grab and Go Convenience Containers

Our products are made from sustainable fiber:

  • Eucalyptus – 7-year growth cycle sourced from FSC approved forest with full chain custody.
  • Bagasse – Fiber recyclate from sugar cane
  • Bamboo – Harvested sustainably with a 5-7 year growth cycle
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Food Packaging

ThermoFibre’s food packaging can be manufactured to address a variety of needs for your products. We are experts at providing a sustainable solution that works seamlessly with a customer’s existing process without needing any changes. Our team will assist you with the appropriate product for fit and function.

take out bowl with lid


For more demanding applications such as point of sale and food delivery we offer laminated versions of our products. The laminate is extremely thin; less than 7% of the net weight of the tray. In most cases, depending on your recycling guidelines, the thin lamination allows the item to be able to be put in the mainstream recycling program.  We use a variety of materials for this process. Our team will assist with which lamination is best for you. 

ThermoFibre’s Eco-peel(patent pending) feature is for select products, allowing the consumer to take a soiled food container, remove the film leaving a clean tray that can be recycled with mixed paper! This technology is eco-friendly and allows the laminate to be discarded in the appropriate container and the tray can be recycled or composted.

eco-friendly moulded fibre


Our custom trays can be embossed with your logo, part number and even a brief message. This feature adds a personalized feature to your product and for your consumer.

thermofibre food trays

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging):

There are certain applications that require a specific shelf life. A MAP tray will keep oxygen out and freshness in showcasing your food products in a sustainable and pleasing manner. This process can also be done using our Eco-Peel tab. LEARN MORE; https://www.thermofibre.com/product-development

This high barrier fibre tray is suitable for gas flashing and is easily heat sealed with common lidding films.

Lidding / Sealing:

Building a tray using cellulose fiber can work with your existing lidding film tooling.  We can mimic your current packaging that works with existing tooling and films so the process is easy making a change to a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging.

Recyclable Lids: We have designed a PET and rPET lid that snaps on to our thermoformed pulp tray. The challenge was to make it fit tightly and be leak proof. We did it! Our trays are smooth, clean edged and admirable.

We have all heard the news pertaining to plastic straws being banned in many states and countries. Our paper straws are available in a multitude of colors and prints. Contact us for assistance with your product line needs.

Food Service and Tableware

The ThermoFibre product line is one with a variety of tableware and food service items to choose from. Our thermoformed items have smooth lines and surfaces, come in white or natural colors and is competitively priced in today’s market. With a full range of products, we also have the ability to custom design containers for your company. We offer a full line of sizes of clamshells, bowls, trays, and plates.