Pulp Material: ThermoFibre Research and Development


ThermoFibre’s process relies on the molding tools to dry the wet pulp. The pulp
forms in place within the tools, using vacuum, heat and pressure. This provides for a very high tolerance, low lint and dust and smooth product that lends itself to many more applications than traditional pulp.

Pulp Coating

We have a patented method for coating pulp that is especially valuable for the medical arena.

This coating gives the pulp product a very low amount of lint and dust as well as allowing the container to be sterilised by using either an autoclave, gamma irradiation or EtO processes. Click here to learn more; https://www.thermofibre.com/products/safetex-medical

We have coatings for different properties depending on the customers’ requirements.


Are you in search of a pulp container that is food grade packaging and can also hold liquids, microwavable, good for frozen foods and for grab and go meals? Our laminated containers offer all of the above mentioned attributes.

ThermoFibre is an expert in laminations. We have a variety of materials available and we are continuously testing new films.

If you need modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to keep oxygen out and freshness in, then we can assist you with offering not only a MAP container but also introducing you to our patented Eco-peel technology that lets the film be peeled off and leaves a tray that is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

There are plenty of film barriers that we can adhere to the pulp that we can suggest depending on the customers product line.

Lidding and Sealing

Our lab has a professional lidding and sealing machine for testing and prototype purposes. We offer samples of a production quality piece beforehand to showcase the characteristics of the application.

At ThermoFibre, we pride ourselves in developing and enhancing the pulps features to integrate to your company’s needs.

We are able to deliver product all over the world as well as delivering containers on a scheduled basis if necessary. We will work together to provide you with sustainable packaging for a better environment.

Source Materials


ThermoFiber’s dedicated R & D Lab provides us with a springboard to innovation. We hold multiple product, process and machine patents. 

ThermoFibre, with our advanced molded pulp engineering, makes products that are designed to replace plastic packaging and can be easily disposed of in a sustainable manner.