Sustainable Packaging for 2023

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The development of plans to rid of single use plastics has been gaining momentum as companies, town government and state legislature implement sustainable goals for the future. Another aspect to these conversations is to discuss what are the best practices to monitor and engage consumers to do their part.


It’s all about change and change is never easy.  There are great efforts that are involved in making a switch from old packaging to the new. For instance, let’s use a plastic take-out food container as an example. It’s durable, functional, leak proof and PLASTIC. Food companies and manufacturers from the home delivery to retail are now interested in more sustainable options. They are looking to replace plastic with a molded fiber container to take its place. Surprisingly to most, fiber functions very well as a food container. It can be frozen, microwaved and in some cases, it can be placed in an oven.

Now you have found a container that suits your needs. Shipping tests and shelf-life tests follow. While this does take some time, the efforts will be worth it in the end. Molded fiber fits the bill as a single-use product that is environmentally friendly.


Recently, studies have shown that Millennials and Gen Z’s do look at the packaging and they are willing to pay a bit more if necessary. In fact, they care a great deal about the environment. The Gen Z group, 1995-2010 are shown as being influencers on making sustainable purchases.

Molded fiber aesthetically has appeal. When you open up your new electric toothbrush and it’s nicely packaged in molded pulp with friction fit cavities to hold the tools, one may be surprised and also happy to see packaging that is recyclable, re-pulpable, compostable and strong.

Molded fiber has come a long way from tableware. Now, pulp products can be engineered to fit on automated packing lines, Sealing lines and even sleevers. They are sturdy, can be fit with a barrier laminate if needed and can be sealed. One additional aspect for fiber is that it can be embossed, and even printed.

Molded fiber companies are out there. Be sure to find a company with a strong team that won’t leave you high and dry in the middle of the project. Find a group that is knowledgeable, has advanced engineering and can get your product delivered.