Planning for 2050 in Europe

– The European’s Green Deal is off and running full steam ahead across the continent

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Becoming the first continent to be climate neutral is the target for the European Green Deal. An intricate plan to have zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. The plan is not to work diligently until 2050 and then suddenly have zero net emissions, they have a goal to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030.

There is a litany of categories to the EU Green Deal that needed to be considered for it to be successful. Such areas as deforestation, restoring the soil, energy efficient buildings, healthful affordable food, recycled products just to name a few. Within these categories and others that weren’t mentioned are laws that have been put in place to help regulate the deal and stay the course. This is a complex initiative targeting economic and environmental impacts for the entire continent.

They recognize that this can’t be accomplished alone so they support and interact with all international partners.  With plastic bans and the push for sustainable products for the food and consumer packaging industries around the globe, soon we will all be working together toward a circular economy that will enhance the health of all citizens and our future generations. For more information of the EU Green Deal, please click here