The New Norm

– A Need for Sustainable Packaging

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Considering the need for sustainable ready to serve packaging for take out solutions is more important than ever, it’s important to find the right product to suit your needs and one that will deliver the best dining experience for everyone. Containers need to measure up to today’s demands, have a sustainable initiative and create an effortless means to heat or re-heat and serve.

When deciding on the perfect grab and go sustainable containers, there are things to consider.

  • Environmentally Friendly – recyclabe / compostable
  • Look and Appeal – will they function for your product
  • Microwavable
  • Able to be heated in the oven
  • Cost

Uncharted Waters

During these unprecedented times, our world is showing such resilience. Many businesses have suffered from the pandemic that attacked our world by storm. One in particular is the food industry that needed to adapt quickly due to the onset of Covid-19. They have moved from being shut down completely to providing takeout meals only and then re-opening their restaurants with new safety measures in order to survive economically and keep employees working. Ghost kitchens are surfacing across the land honoring the food industries core value of taking care of people. While doing so, it is necessary to have containers that can hold saucy foods, soups, casseroles and be heated in an oven or microwave. There are a variety of containers on the market but not many that measure up to these demands that are needed.


Home delivery companies also need to consider their packaging system to offer foods that are delivered fresh and ready to be served. There are numerous Home Delivery companies that either need you to prepare the meal in your own dishware and others provide the container. While they all may be good for the cooking process, they may not all be sustainable and able to be recycled. TIME magazine has recently published their special addition magazine titled, Sustainability, The Practical, Sustainable Life – AT HOME, AT MEALTIME, DAY-TO – DAY. One of the articles,  Meal Kits Earn Kudos, takes a close look at home delivery meals and their level of sustainability. This is an insightful piece and certainly relevant for all of us during time of uncharted waters.

Now is the perfect time to consider sustainable packaging for the grab and go world that is vastly becoming the new norm.