Making a change to green sustainable packaging 

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Is your company searching for “green” sustainable packaging? More and more industries are being faced with searching for sustainable products that can replace plastic packaging. There are even states in the USA that have banned the use of polystyrene products from being used within their state lines¹

As citizens within our communities, we are asked to recycle our trash, however, the guidelines vary from state to state and are often confusing when it comes to sorting out the different commodities. So, how can we make this process easier while also being cognoscente that we have benefitted the environment?



A conscientious fix to the banning of foam packaging products is not as difficult as it may seem as long as you know where to begin. Fibre or pulp packaging is not only the solution to this problem but also fits the bill as a single-use product that is environmentally friendly.

Change is never easy, especially when designing a new packaging concept comes into play. However, working with an expert design and engineer team at ThermoFibre, (Click here to learn more;  https://www.thermofibre.com/ ) will help to make the transition as simple as possible, explaining thermoformed pulp packaging, it’s capabilities and design criteria.

The time it takes to design, produce and implement the new and improved product will all be worth it in the long run. Just knowing that the product will be sustainable, biodegradable and compostable will show your consumers that recyclable packaging is relevant to your company and to your social responsibility.

The process begins with a knowledgeable team that understands your needs, https://www.thermofibre.com/r-d/ ,has advanced technology to make it happen and the capability to produce product in a timely fashion. ThermoFibre is the thermoformed pulp manufacturing company that can assist you with making the change.