– Goals for 2021

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Recycle, reuse, and reduce your carbon footprint is an ambitious goal for 2021.  The start of a new year has been popularly tagged with the slogan, new year, new you.  I suppose this could be referred to new year, new sustainability? While the goal is to reduce waste, save resources and decrease our impact on nature, why is it that only approximately 14% of waste is recycled globally?

How are Companies Making a Difference?

I recently read a letter from the CEO and Co-Founder of the Grove Collaborative that was very inspirational. He discussed having optimism after coming out of a challenging 2020. During the pandemic year, the Grove collaborative planted 200,000 trees with their Seedling program as well as eliminated or collected over 9.5 million pounds of plastic. Wow!

On another note, Packaging World, December 2020 issue enlightened me with Bacardi’s biodegradable bottle made from PHA which is derived from canola, palm and soy seeds. This transition was announced as concerns arise concerning plastics that are lodged on the ocean floor. According to the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization, there are approximately 16 million tons of microplastics that are embedded in the seabed.

Other companies tackle Covid-19 cross contamination with the development of single-use sustainable medical trays and containers. These products could potentially eliminate plastic tray counterparts entirely. Click here to learn more;  https://www.thermofibre.com/products/safetex-medical

In conclusion, the efforts being made across the globe to tackle environmental issues and become part of a circular economy is encouraging to say the least. It is becoming a global trend to not only come up with a plan but to also share ideas and work together to make it happen.