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Grocery Stores and Restaurants Search for Functional Solutions –

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the grocery and restaurant industries rapidly made adjustments to ensure their doors remained open.  It took quick action to establish protocols that followed the CDC guidelines for food delivery and pick-up service.

As the country begins to recover, the focus on plastic free packaging is making a strong presence. So much so that federal lawmakers have reintroduced or introduced four bills that are associated with the end-of-life for packaging and containers. Moving one step further in the USA, a new act was brought to the House of Representatives which introduced the new Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s Future Act (CLEAN). This will be a comprehensive culmination of bills that will focus on climate change, recycling, plastics facilities and standardized labelling.

Grocery Stores and Restaurant Operators Search for Functional                                  Eco-Friendly Solutions

So, what does this mean for the grocery and restaurant establishments? Simply, they are searching for solutions that will be sustainable as well as functional. They need products that will hold the shelf life of the foods, containers that will make it home from the restaurant without leaking through and the product needs to be recyclable. There are molded fiber containers on the market but they are not able to hood saucy or oily foods. That’s when the food industry needs to search out advanced technology in the molded fiber business to find just the right product to fit their needs.

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The above video displays a tray suited for grocery, restaurant, airline meals, grab and go, microwaveable meals and freezer foods. Trays and containers can be custom designed to fit the current automation systems and lidding film machinery as well. Families continue to purchase ready made meals to have at home. With MAP barriers applied to molded fiber trays or containers, ready made meals are more easily and safely transferred home to make the process a family friendly sustainable experience.