The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Who We Are

Thermo Fibre is a division of the PH Group which is a multi channel supplier to the healthcare, food, retail and industrial sectors.

PH imports over 5,000 containers of product per year into our 500,000 sq ft distribution centre in Lincolnshire.

PH is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pulp in the UK, supplying the majority of the NHS’s requirements as well as industry.

What We Do

Thermo Fibre’s products are made by thermoforming natural fibres. This process provides high dimensional tolerance to create a smooth product similar to plastic in look and feel.

All of our products are made from fast growing virgin wood or grass fibre that are FSC certified. They are easily and widely recyclable and can also be composted.

Thermo Fibre products are either coated or laminated to be:




Soap and grease proof


Ovenable and microwavable


High barrier


Suitable for gas flashing


Lint and dust free

Laminated products are recycled using our patented EcoPeel feature.

Our Services

Our dedicated R&D Lab provides us with a springboard to innovation. We hold multiple product, process and machine patents. Our capabilities include:


Product Design


Prototype tool making using 3D printing


Lab lamination systems


Lab coating systems


Testing new fibres and formulations


Testing various additives to enhance product properties and performance


Prototype products sampling


Pilot production

We can also foster a customer’s idea from concept to production.

Why Us

Globally paper has the highest rate of recycling of any material, over 60% throughout the world and can be recycled up to 25 to 30 times. In contrast plastic is less than 20% and even lower if you exclude PET bottles.

Thermo Fibre offers the performance of plastic packaging with the recyclability of paper.

Our Services


Our Safetex products have been developed to be lint and dust free making them safe for use in operating theatres. In addition they are impervious to all common solutions found in hospitals including soaps and alcohols. Safetex is high hygiene and can easily be sterilised.


Our Flexeco range of high barrier products are gas flashable, ovenable and microwaveable. This allows them to be suitable for fresh meat, fish and poultry, ready meals, and other applications that require a high barrier to maintain shelf life and freshness.

Consumer Packaging

Utilising our strong design and development skills, we can provide customers with unique packaging solutions that help deliver their products to the consumer safely and sustainably. Our low dust and lint technology guarantees the customer has a positive experience when they open packaging meaning their new product will be dust free.


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